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Justin is an outstanding business mentor and coach. His work as facilitator of the Personal Trainers Industry Leader’s Roundtable is exceptional. I thoroughly recommend him and his programs to anyone wishing to maximise their success.

Summer Nelson, Owner My Trainer Corporation, Victoria

Justin has taught me to think outside the square in relation to growing my business and managing my team. He has challenged and supported me and with out his mentoring my business would not have achieved 25% membership growth.

Amanda Coombe, Owner Personal Best, Tasmania

I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of successful people, however in my mind JT is definitely an Industry Futurist and leads the way in spotting trends. He has been a fantastic mentor and has really helped inspire and connect me.

Ben Ritchie, Perth Health Club Owner

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Gym Membership Sales – Gym Membership Sales & Secret of Getting Referrals

I read a great article from Jeffrey Gitomer and he asked why are we “asking” read begging for a referral? Second of all, why are you asking when you haven’t earned anything?

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Communication Tips for Personal Trainers

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression in business, but believe it or not, that impression is often made before a potential client even lays eyes on you.

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Enouraging the Heart Workbook

Encouraging the Heart Workbook

Getting things done in today’s workplace is hard work. The climb to the top is demanding and long. Employees become exhausted, frustrated, and sometime entirely disenchanted. Often, they are tempted to simply give up.

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Gym Marketing Advertising – Getting Ads Right In Your Gym Marketing

In the time poor world we now live in, people don’t read ads . . . they scan them.

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Jack O'Brien

RIP Jack O’Brien from Fitness First Carlingford | MH17

At 44 years of age, I am 5’6” and bullet proof. Nothing can take me down. In deed, nothing could take me down when I was 25. I am guessing that is what Jack O’Brien was thinking a week ago.

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Justin Tamsett is a Speaker and Business Coach to more than just fitness businesses. Visit his personal website to find out more.

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