20PerFit has now Launched into the Australian Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is set for a shake-up after 20PerFit launched its innovative functional electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training system to the market in NSW and Victoria over the past two weeks.

20PerFit’s highly sophisticated system allows trainers to provide clients with full-body workouts that activate up to 90% of all muscle fibres. In fact, a single 20PerFit training session delivers over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout – but takes only 20 minutes.

The system is completely wireless and utilises the very latest EMS technology from Europe, where EMS has been taking the fitness world by storm. It’s certain that the idea of only needing 20 minutes to train has its appeal; however, EMS training has also continued to grow in popularity due to that fact that it is highly effective, and allows people to see – and feel – results fast.

“What we’re offering here is next level – it’s the future of functional fitness,” says 20PerFit Head of Operations, Damien Bain. “20PerFit is cutting edge training tech that’s going to transform the fitness industry. We’re thrilled to be bringing this system to Australia and can’t wait to expand our business into all states and territories.”

20PerFit franchises for mobile and studio trainers are now available for sale in territories beginning in NSW and Victoria; though all States can enquire.

“I’m excited to announce that we’re also offering a special deal for the first 10 franchises sold,” says Bain. “Contact 20PerFit today and you could score a special introductory offer that will save you up to $30,000!”

To find out how you can secure your territory today and potentially save thousands, head to 20perfit.com.au, call 1300 202 073 or email franchises@20perfit.com.au. Special introductory offer ends October 15th.