3 Ways To Book 20 Appointments Per Week

If you are a personal trainer and working inside of a health club and feel lost when you come to work, you are not alone.  Most of us, especially when we are brand new to the industry, don’t have a clue where to begin.  This is a great guide to get you started in the right direction:

  1. Make 10 contacts (emails, text messages, calls – this should be at least 70% of the time) from members that are getting ready to expire. Pending on the size of your membership database will determine how far back you go.  The goal is to contact these members at least 3-4 times in the month you are in.  As you are making your contacts, the goal should be to check in with your members, make sure you are not intruding, check to see how their experience is going and invite them back if they haven’t been in for at least 30 days.  No one joins your facility to pay your electricity bill and you shouldn’t feel bad calling members that aren’t using your facility.  If you do, you might need to check your intentions and why you got into this business to begin with.
  2. Make 10 contacts to all new members that joined your club in the month that you are in, especially the ones that schedule and don’t show up. Of course, you should shoot for or at least a 90% on-boarding percentage at point of sale to increase the odds of this new member actually using their membership.  As most of you know, the initial 30 days of your brand new members experience is crucial for long-term retention. Make it a point to not only schedule 90% of your new members with your personal training team, but also call them the day that they joined and welcome them to your facility.  It’s a great way to confirm your session for tomorrow (assuming they are scheduled for tomorrow) or just acknowledge a brand new member.
  3. In the month that you are working in, every single member that is scheduled with you for a session must be contacted at least three times a week for the entire month if they don’t show up. Every time you contact your member that was scheduled with you, give them something useful when leaving a voicemail, sending an email, or a text message.  Think about what would be useful for someone that just joined your facility.  Here are three examples:
    1. A promo video of your team training session and your hook is to invite them for a session
    2. Your last get together with your members/clients to show a new member how much fun you are having and invite them in to get to know them
    3. A special day for a friend. So if you normally do a 7 day pass, offer 15 days of unlimited personal training to them and a buddy.  After the initial 7 days, you will find your conversion rate is super high.

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