If you want to talk to fitness business owners, managers and the future of the fitness industry, Active Management have the avenues.

The Active Management Community Is One Of The Most Engaged Communities In The Fitness Business Space.

There are two words that people use to describe Active Management: consistent & everywhere.

Consistent – Every month since 2009 we have produced an e-newsletter. Since, launching a blog page in 2008, we have produced over 1060 blogs. As one of the first consulting companies in the world to be on Facebook, we have consistently posted every day for 8 years.

Everywhere – We believe if we are telling our clients to be everywhere, we need to lead by example. We have a blog page, a You Tube channel, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter feed, a LinkedIn profile and monthly enews. We absolutely believe that one message could be viewed over 10,000 times by decision makers in the fitness industry.

Our community now look to us and expect us to share industry news with them, industry trends and names of suppliers. We are often the first-place people turn to and you can now be part of our community.

Relationships are critical to building new business. If we have a relationship with a supplier or vendor, then our community will be more likely to explore a relationship too.

Justin Tamsett

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