Bathroom Posters

These quirky guerrilla marketing pieces can be used in bathrooms across your community. You can even use it internally to promote programs or products.

How to SIMPLY Brand Your Marketing Piece

The file is writable – this means you can edit it yourself or have your own graphic designer do it for you. Place your logo in the bottom right hand corner and across the bottom put your offer and call to action. Print. And then get it in the community.

Consider having different offers – test and measure to see what works best – e.g. 14 days for $14; no joining fee; first month free.

And don’t forget use them internally to promote personal training, small group training and other products.

You could even use them as a Facebook image with a call to action.

And re-use and re-use and re-use! You own the artwork now, so change it up as much as you like.


1. Purchase the editable format (Adobe Illustrator) and take to your graphic designer

199 including GST each

Order Female Poster (Unbranded) Order Male Poster (Unbranded)


2. Have the branding done for you for an additional $66

  • Your business colours
  • Your logo added
  • Your offer and call to action added
  • Your contact details added (e.g. website and facebook page)

265 including GST each

Order Female Poster (Branded) Order Male Poster (Branded)