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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Marisa Hoff

By Marisa Hoff | March 29, 2019

My biggest takeaway from IHRSA 2019 was about the power of story-telling.  This takeaway was not the result of one session specifically, but a culmination of several.

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Nathalie Lacombe

By Nathalie Lacombe | March 28, 2019

Having just launched the 2nd half of my career, IHRSA 2019 was more meaningful that ever! I am incredibly grateful for each moment of in-person connection I had with my #fitfam.

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Dori Nugent

By Dori Nugent | March 27, 2019

98…99…100 educational sessions were held this year at the 2019 IHRSA convention in San Diego, California; the MECA of fitness education!

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Press Release: Fitness Pros Gather Under One Roof for SCW California MANIA®

By JT | March 27, 2019

California MANIA® is coming to San Francisco! Fitness Professionals from all over the globe will travel to Burlingame at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport to participate in live continuing education workshops.

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Talking Trends with Sara Kooperman

By Chantal Brodrick | March 26, 2019

This month’s Talking Trends guest is Sara Kooperman.

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Learnings From Kari Saitowitz on The Fitness Business Podcast

By Chantal Brodrick | March 25, 2019

Last week I spoke with Kari Saitowitz about building a fitness brand.

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#JTInTheRaw Show 139 | What Makes Your Brand Stand Out

By JT | March 25, 2019

Your business or personal brand is MORE than a logo, colours or name! In #JTInTheRaw this week I explain how important courage and consistency is in your brand your message.

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Angela Morton

By Angela Morton | March 23, 2019

What was your IHRSA 2019 highlight – from an education perspective? The one thing that really resonated with me this year was the importance of club culture. I’m sure for a lot of people this seems like a really simple idea but for me this was that lightbulb A-HA moment. Just as a quick back…

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts From Deborah Goldberg

By Deborah Goldberg | March 22, 2019

A total of  80K+ steps walked during IHRSA 2019, many hands shaken, lots of note taking, enjoying the many hours learning from the top business, marketing & technology leaders from our industry and of course many parties attended.

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts from Jono Petrohilos

By Jono Petrohilos | March 21, 2019

Hi! For those of you that haven’t met me, my name is Jono and I’m the co director at Fitness Education Online. We are an educational organization that provides professional development (CEC) courses for Personal Trainers. I recently attended the 2019 IHRSA convention in San Diego. As IHRSA is well known as being the ‘premier…

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Position Vacant for a Membership Consultant at Fitness First in Sydney, NSW

By JT | March 19, 2019

Be Inspirational. We believe that fitness inspires people to go further in life. Working at Fitness First is more than a paying job, it’s a choice to give people the opportunity to lead a fearless and extraordinary life. Whatever the capacity they work in, our people use their expertise, attitude and ambition to create that…

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IHRSA 2019 Thoughts from Brent Darden

By Brent Darden | March 19, 2019

The educational highlight of IHRSA 2019 for me was the presentation by Craig Weber on “Conversational Capacity”. As part of the REX Roundtable event, he offered amazing insight on the key to open, balanced, and non-defensive dialogue in the workplace.

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#JTInTheRaw Show 138 | You Cannot Beat Face to Face Connections

By JT | March 18, 2019

What is the contact sport of business? Listen and learn in #JTInTheRaw …

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Learnings From Andrea Vahl on The Fitness Business Podcast

By Chantal Brodrick | March 18, 2019

Last week I spoke with Andrea Vahl about top Facebook Ad tactics for gym owners and personal trainers.

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Voice Training

Improving Your Vocal Technique: Tip 1

By Robert Maxwell | March 15, 2019

Vocal fatigue is a common concern for instructors in the fitness sector. It can limit one’s ability to teach effectively, while having the potential for long-term damage to one’s health.

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