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Sweat It Out @ Sweat Fitness

By JT | January 6, 2014

Great images. Great concept.

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Personal Training Business Finance Tip: Increasing Fees

By JT | January 3, 2014

Talking to a client about money can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable. But there will come a time, that you will need to increase your fees.

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New Year Laugh

By JT | January 1, 2014
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Superheroes at Powerhouse Health Club

By JT | December 30, 2013

I love the concept but I don’t think they have gone far enough

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Personal Training Business Marketing Tip: Business Cards

By JT | December 27, 2013

Here’s a quick and easy way to make the most of every opportunity.

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Five Questions to Ask a Web Designer

By JT | December 26, 2013

What is their approach? How will they determine what will work for your business? What content and contact management systems do they offer? Have they done work in our industry? Can they give you any references? Who is going to do the actual work? Can you talk to them, if required? How will they ensure…

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Merry Christmas Laugh

By JT | December 25, 2013
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Perfect Summer Marketing From Oxygo

By JT | December 23, 2013

This just tickles my sense of humour, so I think it is very cool and would attract attention.

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Personal Trainer Business Admin Tip: KISS!

By JT | December 20, 2013

When it comes to closing the sale, stick to the KISS principal, Keep it short and simple.

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Hump Day Laugh #37

By JT | December 18, 2013
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Fitness Company An Awesome BillBoard

By JT | December 17, 2013

You may remember the Silberman’s Fitness billboard, which is one of my favourite marketing pieces and this comes a close second!

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Personal Training Business Sales Tip: PT Package

By JT | December 13, 2013

The way you look, the way you act, talk and walk all form a part of your ‘PT Package’.

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Best Ever Marketing Idea

By JT | December 12, 2013

Last month I read a great interview with Aussie real estate mogul John McGrath who said this:

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Hump Day Laugh #36

By JT | December 11, 2013
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The Athlete Is Inside

By JT | December 9, 2013

The picture tells a thousands words, so we get the concept by looking at the image.

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