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You Have Turned Me Off My Food Speed-Fit

By JT | October 28, 2013

There are words I could use to describe this marketing but I will refrain. You don’t have to! What do you think?

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Personal Training Business Marketing Tip: Gift Cards

By JT | October 25, 2013

Looking for a great way to encourage your clients to refer your services to a friend or family member?

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Does Your Website Match What Consumers Want?

By JT | October 24, 2013

I love checklists that other people have done the work to establish. Here are 10 suggestions on what are non-negotiable aspects of your website:

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Hump Day Laugh #29

By JT | October 23, 2013
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Find Out How Skilled A Job Candidate Actually Is

By JT | October 22, 2013

The point of your job interviews is to make sure the candidate has the necessary skills to do the work.

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Vipr Guerilla Marketing

By JT | October 21, 2013

Perhaps a little gross but very clever guerilla marketing.

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How to Get More Shares of Your Facebook Post

By JT | October 18, 2013

Mari Smith is regarded worldwide as a gun social media expert. Check out below as advice on how to get more shares on your Facebook page.

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Personal Training Business Finance Tip: Bad Apples

By JT | October 17, 2013

Creating a profitable business isn’t always about getting new customers, sometimes you need to take the difficult task of getting rid of the bad apples.

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Guerilla Marketing from Great Harvest Bread Company

By JT | October 17, 2013

I got this great marketing tip from Jay Conrad Levinson and have to share it with you as it is a practical example for us all to follow.

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Hump Day Laugh #28

By JT | October 16, 2013
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How YOU Can Be More Productive

By JT | October 15, 2013

People often ask me how do I get so much achieved. I have a very good Team that I feel very comfortable delegating work to. However, here are some tips that may help you:

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The Fat David Would Embarrass Michalengelo

By JT | October 14, 2013

The great man Michalengelo would be rolling in his grave! However, this is brilliant! I love it and get the message across very well that we need to move or we will put on weight. Do you like it as much as me?

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Personal Training Business Marketing Tip: MeetYourPT

By JT | October 11, 2013

Did you know that there are directories in Australia that are exclusively for advertising Personal Training businesses?

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What Can We Learn from Joe Girard

By JT | October 10, 2013

Joe is in the Guinness Book of Records for selling the most cars. He sold 13,001 cars in just 12 years.

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Hump Day Laugh #27

By JT | October 9, 2013
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