Blood Pressure Testing Campaign

This is the simplest guerrilla campaign you can do and you will be contributing to the health of the community.

When generating leads you will have greater success when you are face to face with a prospect, you can create a little emotional pain, and educate while providing the solution. This strategy allows you to do all 3.


Offer free blood pressure measurements, provide education on the importance of blood pressure and how you can impact their own blood pressure over a 30 day period.

After the free testing at ‘their’ place they can come to the club or studio for free further testing in 30 days.


You can take this service to corporates, sporting games, health fairs, local fetes and chemists/pharmacies.


Use the poster to advertise on the day or in advance of the free service.

Take the blood pressure of the individual and complete the card.

Explain what diastolic and systolic blood pressure means and what their reading means.

Give them a fact sheet around blood pressure that includes ways to lower blood pressure over 30 days.

Suggest they come into the club or studio for a follow up test after following the 30-day plan outlined on your fact sheet. If you can book an appointment there and then, do it.

Have a master sheet of all people who are tested, with their name, email and phone number plus their blood pressure readings. This will allow you to:

  • Follow up with a call and an invitation to come down;
  • Establish the average blood pressure and write a press release around the campaign.

Club Branding Is Possible

The file is print ready and you can import your logo and you are ready to go! If you would prefer our help with this and/or make any other changes, purchase the branding below.


Purchase the Adobe Photoshop files to take to your graphic designer.

165 each

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Have the branding done for you for an additional 66 each

  • Your business colours
  • Your logo added
  • Your contact details added (e.g. website and facebook page)

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