Bryan O’Rourke Gives The Australian Fitness Industry A Nudge

Ok ok ok . . . it wasn’t a nudge it was a kick in the pants! But one in which only just over 100 people heard!

Last month just over 100 people very disappointingly attended the Fitness Australia Forum. They were not disappointed in the information they gained by world fitness industry innovator Bryan O’Rourke.

Here are a few notes I took during his cracking presentation:

  • Make change in something established = innovatus (Latin).
  • We are not great at innovation as we look at life through a past lens rather than a future lens.
  • The future is bright for people who innovate & are happy to innovate. If you don’t like change, the future may well be bleak.
  • O’Rourke believes that innovation is great for the fitness industry.
  • Just accept things are different now!
  • We can engage with consumers & members better & faster than ever before – has to be good right?
  • Improving the health of our planet is much easier with technology as we can reach more people more often
  • We all have heretics in business, they probably hold the answers to your questions.
  • In business we have to increasingly DELIGHT the customer to stay relevant to them!
  • Every crisis provides opportunity! The door is open, will you walk through it?
  • Connect, listen & learn from people who are innovating in any industry. Their minds allow you to build a virtual think bank
  • The speed of trust is faster when we use technology to connect prior to meeting. Great reason to use social media in business and in life.
  • Consumer expectation is transaction transparency based on experiences in other industries.

O’Rourke made 3 predictions:

  • Someone is working on an ‘Uber’ model in the fitness industry predicts
  • Real time remote personal training will be a reality within 4 yrs!
  • Les Mills Immersive Fitness is a sample of what is possible. Watch it here

A great and hard hitting comment from O’Rourke was: “Rising tides lift all boats.” It will be a competitive industry but do not be scared, embrace it and improve your own performance.

You may like to check out O’Rourke’s presentation here

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