Motionsoft Technology Summit | Tech 2.0 Is About Support

When we examine technology and the relationship with members, our focus seems to be on helping members.  There is a proliferation of videos and apps to show members “how to” squat, press, stretch, eat and so on.  But today’s consumer needs support more than anything else.

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Motionsoft Technology Summit | Instagram Takeover

In the quest for user generated content, Active Wellness turn over their Instagram account to members.  There are obviously conditions and instructions that are given for the takeover but the concept is to share ‘life as a member.’

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Motionsoft Technology Summit | Takeaways From Ann Marie Barbour of Soul Body LLC

Paul talked about personalization and whoever does that well will win – that truly is the key! Quote of the week was data is king but knowledge is poor – HOW do we take all of this data from all of these new “players” in our industry like Listen360, Tinoq, Silicus and more that offer up ”intelligent analytics” to learn, solve and augment human decision making.

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