Chantal Brodrick Shares Why Fitness Australia AusREPs Should Vote For Her

Why should you vote for Chantal Brodrick as a AusREP Member for Fitness Australia?

What an incredible opportunity for every AusREP in Australia to be represented on the Fitness Australia Board of Directors.  As a candidate, I hope you will consider me to represent you. Let me share my story and thoughts.

I have been an AusREP for 11 years, which has included working as a contract PT, mobile PT and Group Fitness Instructor and I understand the challenges of sustaining a successful career in our industry – both full time and part time.

My corporate life prior to fitness will add business acumen to my nomination. I worked in senior sales and marketing roles in media for over 15 years.

Adding to my value a your representative is my role as the host of the world’s number one business podcast for the fitness industry, The Fitness Business Podcast, I have gained insights into hundreds of international fitness facilities and connect with the industry’s leading business leaders. My vision is to support long term career opportunities for fitness professionals which in turn will increase physical activity participation – only 15% of adults aged 18-64 meet Australia’s physical activity guidelines.  I believe increasing participation includes:

  • Working with various Federal, State and Local governments to help improve education about the benefits and importance of physical activity;
  • Identifying and supporting key health-based events around the country; and
  • Improving relationships with allied health and medical professionals so they are confident to refer patients to fitness centers and registered trainers.

Supporting long term career opportunities for AusREPs includes:

  • Reviewing business education requirements during and post certification; and
  • Ensuring business skills and experience receive appropriate recognition for re-registration.

Every AusREP has received an email from TrueVote with an individual link to vote.

I’m passionate about serving on the Board of Directors for Fitness Australia and would be grateful for your support.

Chantal Brodrick worked in senior sales and marketing roles in the media industry for over 15 years before transitioning careers. In 2008 she became a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Soon after she combined her corporate background with her love of fitness and became a Business Coach and Marketing Consultant for the fitness industry.

In 2015 Chantal became the host of Active Managements – The Fitness Business Podcast. Now with over 260 shows and half a million downloads, it’s the world’s leading podcast for fitness business owners and managers.

Chantal has interviewed over 300 fitness industry leaders, coaches, consultants and authors including Jim Worthington, Rick Caro, Bill McBride, Adam Zeitsiff, Todd Durkin, Randy Hetrick, Brent Darden, Derek Gallup, Mo Hagan, Carrie Kepple, Emma Barry, Ryan Holiday, Jeb Blount, Michelle Segar and hundreds more.

In 2019, Chantal was recognised as 1 of 20 ‘Women Who Inspire’ by IHRSA’s Club Business International Magazine and this year she is a featured speaker and emcee at industry events across the world including, IHRSA, FILEX, IDEA, ATHLETIC BUSINESS and FITEX.


Voting is open to Fitness Australia’s AusREP Members and Business Members between 1st and 18th November 2019. Members are encouraged to cast their vote using the link in an email that they receive from TrueVote.

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the ballot procedures contact Liz Richardson at Fitness Australia on 1300 211 311 or email