Discover Strength believes you should be able to build the career you want while doing work that changes lives.  That’s exactly what the CEO Luke Carlson has done.

In this insightful interview with Chantal Brodrick on The Fitness Business Podcast, Luke explains why Discover Strength is different to other franchises.  He shares the benefits of a strength training franchise and the benefits of a market-tested, science based workout.

Listen to Luke and Chantal by clicking here.

The Difference In The Discover Strength Approach

  • Our clients work with Educated, Expert Personal Trainers who have dedicated their education and career to mastering their craft. All Discover Strength personal trainers have four-year degrees in kinesiology or a related field and hold prestigious certifications.
  • The research is clear. For best results, strength train less, but strength train harder. The clients you serve will not find a more efficient workout. Discover Strength clients strength train twice per week for 30 minutes. Not only do the clients get more time back in their week, but they also reap the myriad of health benefits from twice per week strength training.
  • Rather than jump on the latest fitness fad or market-driven trend, we look at the scientific evidence to determine what will be the safest and most effective approach for our clients.

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