Sometimes In Business We Just Need An Injection of Energy!

When I was a gym manager and then owner I rode the emotional rollercoaster every day:


  • The trials and tribulations of staff;
  • The marketing piece that bombed;
  • The member petition for the building of an impossible swimming pool; and
  • Other business challenges.

I just wanted someone to bounce ideas off which is why I have the Energiser Injection.

You can be ANYWHERE in the world to book the Energiser Injection!

This is a single 45 minute coaching session that will happen within 72 hours of your payment.

Energiser Injection

Gym Managers & Owners anywhere in the world

Need something more?

We have other coaching options for you!

You have helped us more than I expected just from that first phone call!

- Max, Director Inform Health & Fitness Solutions  -