Your day is filled with business challenges.

"As a former gym owner, club manager, sales manager, sales person and personal trainer I know the challenges you face every day. So I have designed a weekly newsbrief that is succinct, value add and personalised for you!"

The Active Management weekly newsbrief presents solutions to the challenges of running a fitness business and what makes this newsbrief unique is it is personalised to your needs.

Our content is delivered from some of the most respected sources in the world and based on what you click on to read, your newsbrief will be tailored to your interests. 

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Low And No Cost Marketing Initiatives

You'll receive guerrilla marketing campaigns to get members & clients.

How To Stand Out From Your Competitors

Tips, hacks and real life examples to differentiate yourself.

Take You From Managing To Leading

You're guaranteed to have at least one new leadership skill to try each month.

Easy To Use Professional Development Resources

You'll have raft of examples for developing all your team with quality education.

Industry Events, Activities & Happenings

You'll know about events from around the world first.

Discounts From Our Trusted Partners

You can tap into opportunities, value adds and discounts from our Trusted Partners.

Easy Links To Our Massive Video Library

You can get bite size video education from #JTInTheRaw or the Active Management YouTube Channels

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Rick Caro

President of Management Vision, USA

I more often than not hit delete on most of my subscriber mail, but never on my Active Management Newsletter, because I know the value it delivers. I am never left disappointed. I always get value out of my time reading the newsletter. My business continues to improve as a result.

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher

Owner, Great Outdoors Personal Training

The newsletter has practical information that can be implemented immediately. It keeps me focused. A regular read every month.

District Fitness

Angus Campbell

Owner, District Fitness New Zealand

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