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As a listener to the world’s #1 podcast for business owners and managers, you must be someone who wants to grow their business, people and themselves. Working with me will only enhance this for you.

I believe that whether you are an owner or manager, you can design your business or department to allow you to have a life – no stress, no worries and reaching goals.

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have this type of business.

So here’s what I’m suggesting you do...  

  • If you want to grow your business, even if you’re not sure what “growth” means
  • If you have tried to make changes in the past without success . . .
  • If you have a specific goal but are not sure how or if you can achieve it . . .

Make A Decision [NOW] To Start Thinking And Doing Differently

FBP Family Easy Start Coaching Program

You can find out if:

  • We are a good fit
  • Coaching is right for you
  • You like the idea of accountability
  • You’ll get immense value from regularly catching up with me

Grab one 45 minute coaching session and get one FREE!

JT has a refreshing, realistic, experienced and downright honest coaching style. He is quick to the chase on what needs to be done to grow your business and gives a 110%. I am so happy I found JT, it’s been a relief to have a good clear perspective and we are seeing the benefits.

- Linda, Owner of Alta Fitness, Australia -