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Free, Low Cost & High Investment Resources To Help You Lead, Market, Develop and Run Your Business

Free Resource: The Perfect Sales Training Tool

There are two ways you can take advantage of this amazing resource to sharpen your personal or sales team’s skills:

1. Listen to Casey Conrad in the Fitness Business Podcast’s Intensive Series – click here.

2. Download your own copy of Casey Conrad’s ebook for closing more sales

Low Cost Investment: Remember People’s Names For Less Than Two Weeks of Gym Membership

This SIX part professional development video is a great tool for everyone in your Team, as there are weekly exercises to complete to improve the ability to remember people’s names.  Using people’s names is the fastest way to connect with them; critical in making a sale; converting a PT client; or appeasing a cranky member.  And saying “I’m not good at remembering names is fallacy.”  It is a skill that needs to be practiced.  Follow these exercises and I guarantee you will be better at remembering names.

Use the code ‘Active’ to save $25 and grab your copy of the staff training tool for only 25 bucks.  It will be delivered to you immediately via email.

Your Coaching Investment

You can start 2018 with new goals, desires and wants for your business but unless you do something different you won’t achieve anything new! Start coaching with JT this year:

If you would like to be coached by JT, then act quickly as he only coaches 21 clients a year.  So click here now to see more.