Filex 2019 Insights from Scott Hunt

What was your Filex 2019 hi-light – from an education perspective?

In what was my 12th Filex over 20 years I was once again reminded of the importance of all the little things that make each presenter, and many fellow delegates, the best in the industry. The newly introduced ‘The Conversation’ sessions became a highlight for myself and many others as it gave attendees a great chance to learn from each other. No matter how well I’ve done in the past year, hanging around with the best in the industry helps me step up my game for the year ahead.

What are 3 Golden Nuggets you are leaving with?

The collective total of the hundreds of little gold nuggets that filled pages of plans for the next year of improving and growing Fitness Enhancement are always my biggest take away.  To narrow it down to just 3:

  1. Sara Kooperman packed in so many great learnings but the best ones for me were the communication strategies she uses when dealing with a large team across multiple regions. She took it from the theory that so many people talk about, to the nitty gritty of how to actually implement them. Her real-life examples from the highs and lows of her own business made all the difference in helping the audience understand her message.
  2. Mark Fisher also packed in so much in to one of the most entertaining presentation styles I’ve ever seen! He gave excellent tips on how to get constant feedback from clients and how to dig down into finding out the little things we can improve. It’s improving these little things that takes a business from great to amazing so having more practical tactics to help is extremely beneficial!
  3. Justin Tamsett gave an excellent whirlwind run down on how a dozen or so of America’s top boutique Studios create their amazing atmospheres. I’d researched many of them before, but when you get to hear what’s great about them first hand from a fellow Aussie looking at them from an Australian fitness industry perspective, and educating you on the biggest takeaways, you learn so much more about them and what we can embrace here.

Why should someone attend Filex 2020?

You simply can’t get what Filex provides anywhere else. Sure we can learn more within our own professional circle, read books and Google our favourite presenters, but nothing educates you like being face to face with the best in the industry for several days straight. It’s also simply a really fun way to learn something new! If you want to be one of the best in the fitness industry, then hang around the best in the industry and get to Filex at least once in your career. I’ll hope to see you there in 2020!