Filex 2019 Insights from Amber Willsher

What was your Filex 2019 hi-light – from an education perspective?

I loved the 2019 Business Summit. From an education perspective a highlight for me in 2019, was the Business Summit presentation by Future Crunch’s Angus and Melissa. For me this session provided massive insight into the future of technological advances, robotic creations, as well as endless pathways technology will be leading us down. A strong take away was “not to be scared of technology” and to work with it, and a humorous point made by Angus was that in the fitness industry “humans will never be replaced by robots” (at least not in the foreseeable future) – thank gosh. In addition to the Future Crunch team, some fantastic and strong reminders from Chris Stevenson when I reflect on Customer Service and team standards in club as well as some interesting updates from Active Managements JT himself on what’s happening around the globe in fitness clubs and boutiques!

What are 3 Golden Nuggets you are leaving with?

  • The woman of influence panel event was just brilliant. For anyone who hasn’t been a part of this event previously – jump on it. It was great in 2018 and even greater again in 2019. I was lucky to not only hear the story of Kristen Green, my direct General Manager but the uplifting success stories from all panellists with a consistent message of strength, resilience and success. Hosted with industry and audience relevant content by Chantal, it is an uplifting and motivational event, as well as interactive being able to have Q & A time for any burning questions.
  • Retention – a trend across many sessions I attended and a big focus for all club operators. I now have some fresh ideas to implement of even more we can do in order to assist, create memorable member experiences, build strong rapport and therefore retain more members!
  • Turia Pitt’s keynote – what a superstar. To have the chance to spend over an hour with a woman of more strength and resilience than I even knew was possible, what an honour! A take away from Turia is that for every excuse we make as to why we cannot achieve a goal, find a counter solution and plan as to how and why you CAN! Thank you Turia, and for a mini workout and some laughs too.

Why should someone attend Filex 2020?

FILEX is “the” event of the Australian Fitness Calendar. A chance to gain knowledge, connect with likeminded industry professionals, and check out the latest new equipment and to find out what is going on outside of the familiar 4 walls of our own clubs is priceless! I tell all of my team members “you need to experience at least 1 FILEX during your career” and from there the rest is history, they keep coming back for more!