Filex 2019 Insights from Connor Pettersson

FILEX highlight:

Would have had to be catching up with Mark Fisher and chatting all things business. I met Mark in Idea World in San Diego last year and in between the banter and laughter he gives a nice insight into the secret of delegation & how to really narrow your niche and you’ll hit home runs all day.

3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Give members the opportunity to take photos in your gym! Have nice artwork or areas where this can be done and definitely encourage it! They will share it on social media and help build your brand, and remember it’s free! (thanks JT!)
  2. Make an easier sales cycle- it will be easier to replicate as you expand and it’s easier to sell! Basic things in the sales cycle like adding in checkboxes for goals & the I love this question! “what are your expectations from us?” (thanks Steve)
  3. Don’t accept bad meetings! We’ve been very process and systems driven in the past which has helped us grow to 3 gyms but the meetings are definitely getting boring. The past week I’ve rated every meeting from 1-10 and instantly started improving the value I give, the speed of the meeting and let the staff interact a lot more. Such a simple small win but if it helps with staff moral it’s something worth focusing on.

Why should you go to FILEX?

It’s the best investment you can make each year in my opinion. The speakers are world class, friendly and legitimately give you the time of day for any questions you might have or their own resources if you ask nicely. I look at it as just a bunch of legends all helping each other get better and have a greater impact in the health and fitness industry.

I came away with over 20 pages of notes that I’m still sifting through to find what I’m going to implement and what is going to be put on the back burner. It’s a year’s worth of education for a business owner in only a few days.

Connor Pettersson