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YOUR Role When Working With a Digital Marketing Agency 2021 | JTInTheRaw 242

In this video, I discuss your role when working with a marketing agency. Marketing agencies can help you with Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, and your digital marketing. However, when you DO use an agency YOU have a very specific role to play, and I think it’s a role most marketers, leaders, owners of small business relinquish which can be to the detriment.


How To Stop Making Emotional Decisions in Your Business | JTInTheRaw 244

In business, we can get emotionally tied to decisions but logically we should be using our brain instead of our heart. We get so emotionally tied to our ideas that we really need an independent or third party to help us logically make decisions


Powerful Ways to Respond to Customer Feedback | JTInTheRaw 246

Are you listening to your customers? Are you acting on their suggestions? How do you respond to customer feedback in your business? If you seek feedback you must then act on that feedback and more importantly, feed it forward.


3 Tips For Video Marketing Success in Your Business | JTInTheRaw 247

Whether you are selling a widget, a service or even a concept or idea to a team, video is the second most powerful tool in your arsenal to get the message across. In this video, I’m going to share 3 keys to video success for your business.