JTInTheRaw is your weekly business development show: I chew the thin on business. And after 30 years in business I have a few thins to chew. Making you think and do differently in 2021.

Catch up on the latest JTInTheRaw shows for stacks of fitness business coaching tips.

Giving Feedback to Employees is CRUCIAL For Your Business | JTInTheRaw 232

A feedback vacuum will be horrific for your team and your culture. As a leader providing feedback to your team members will ensure there is no “fake news” happening in your business.

A Smart Customer Reward & Recognition Program For Your Business | JTInTheRaw 233

How do you reward and recognize your customers and clients? A reward and recognition program is key to your business success. What is your reward and recognition system in your business? This week’s show is inspired by 3 things and I’m going to share a really simple formula to reward and recognize your clients

Golden Nuggets from ‘Marketing Rebellion’ by Mark Schaefer | JTInTheRaw 234

I’m super excited to share with you a whole bunch of groundbreaking marketing tips from an unbelievable webinar I recently watched. It was presented by Mark Schaefer, the author of ‘Marketing Rebellion’ for REX Roundtables.

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