How to Manage Our Emotions as Leaders

As a leader, how we manage our emotions will rub off on the rest of the team. Whether we manage a team, a department, or an entire company, as a leader our responsibility is to manage our emotions. People will look to us as the leader in the organization to determine how they should respond to what is happening around them.


4 Types of Stakeholders in Business & How to Service Them

Your role as the leader in the business is to plan to service your stakeholders, plan to have them at the center of your vision, and to start planning now. I recently made the mistake of planning but not focusing on my stakeholders. Today’s show is about combining the two.


3 Simple Steps for Effective Team Communication & Messaging

Good communication with your team is an essential skill for any leader. Your job whether you are leading an entire company or a department is to make sure your team messaging is crystal clear. Here is a simple 3-step technique you can use with your team to make sure they are getting what you

There is One Way to Grow Your Business With No Money!

There is one way that you can grow your business that requires no money. There is one way to find the best new employee that requires no money. There is one way to get better at your job and your life with zero money. Do you know what that is? Networking!

Lessons Your Business Can Learn From the Kursk Disaster

What does the sinking of the Russian Submarine the Kursk and the subsequent loss of 118 sailors have in common with your business?