Today we hear from Nadine Kemp!

What did you love or enjoy most from your #FITS2019 experience?

I really enjoyed the structure of the event, with a workout at Barry’s, then the Christmas In July evening with speakers from outside of the industry. It was a great mix of networking and information from both inside and outside the industry.

What was your #1 insight or ‘ah ha’ moment for #FITS2019?

Insights into how we personalised a members journey, not just generic edms and social media posts – but being able to segment our members into their areas of interest.

What were 3 ideas you want to turn from ideas into actions?

  1. Personalisation
  2. Voice activation – get onto it now!
  3. Look into using slack – stop using internal emails!

Why should someone attend #FITS2020?

Not only a great networking event but so many insights into how technology can help grow business, improve your customer experience and make your jobs easier!!!

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