Fitness Industry Technology Summit | How The Partners Will Help You

Within hours of announcing an industry supplier as a partner in Australia’s first Fitness Industry Technology Summit I had someone say, “Why would I pay you to listen to a supplier pitch their product?”

To their surprise I agreed and went so far as saying “I wouldn’t ask you to!”

Let me explain:

The Fitness Industry Technology Summit partners will be sharing data that will make your business better.  As an example of best business practices you’ll learn:

  • When is the best day to bill and when is the best day to chase rejected payments?
  • When should you be making those sales calls?
  • What impact taking a photo post workout has on coming back for another workout?

Every session at the Fitness Industry Technology Summit will give you the knowledge to refine your business.  By the end of the day, you’ll have a list of practices, apps, strategies and more than that will make your business more efficient, effective and profitable – with no more work from you (maybe even less)!

There are 2 types of tickets:

  1. VIP Tech Experience – only 38 of these tickets are left at 445
  2. Standard Tech Experience – just 143 of these tickets are left at 395

Grab your tickers here:

Fitness Industry Technology Summit

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  1. Gregg Moxham on March 6, 2019 at 14:27

    It is disappointing that fitness industry members in WA are disadvantaged by these events being predominately held on the East Coast. What can be done to provide more equal access to all in Australia?