FR3 Minutes #4 | One Word That Will Scare Every Prospect

Earlier this year while munching on a red frog – my confectionery of choice – I felt something very unusual with the red frog.  And after over 35 years of eating red frogs, I consider myself an expert and this was not right. I knew instantly I had broken a tooth and visit to the dentist was required.

I am not a fan of going to the dentist!

My dentist and her team did their very best to make me comfortable with visiting them:

  • A text message two days prior confirming my appointment; and
  • A phone call on the day confirming my appointment.

Have you guessed the word that scares everyone off from coming to visit you?

When people hear the word appointment they think PAIN:

  • I make an appointment to see the dentist because I am in pain.
  • I make an appointment to see the doctor because I am sick.
  • I make an appointment to see my accountant because I have to pay tax – ie pain!

The word appointment elicits pain for many people, so if you are saying to a prospect lets make an appointment to have a chat, look around, try you out or whatever else, there is a huge chance they are linking whatever you want them to do pain.

Just use words that elicit pleasure – a catch-up, a chat, a get-together.

Think about words that friends would you use that are going to catch up and that’s what you would use.  The pleasurable feelings of meeting friends are what you would like them to think about when they are catching up with you.

No more appointments . . . just catch ups, chats and get-togethers.

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