FR3 Minutes #7 | Maximising Your Personal Message in 3 Minutes

The effectiveness of communication relates to:

  • 7% of meaning in the words that are spoken.
  • 38% of meaning is the way that the words are said.
  • 55% of meaning is in facial expression.

Welcome to FR3 Minutes For Your Fitness Business with actionable tips this week to improve your communication!  Here are 5 tips



Your power, status and confidence are communicated by how well you use the space around you.

When you slump down, round your shoulders inwards and in fact do anything to make yourself smaller, you give off an insecure impression.

Keep your posture tall, shoulders back and head high.  When you are expanding yourself you are taking control of the surrounding space.

According to Harvard professor Amy Cuddy, two minutes of power posing — standing tall, holding your arms in a “v” shape towards the sky, or standing with your hands on your hips and legs apart like Superman — can significantly increase your confidence.


Arm Movements.

Waving your hands or arms wildly about signals to others that you’re out of control. Keep your movements smaller and more relaxed.

Use open arms and showing the palms of your hands.  You will come across as sincere and respectable. People will then listen and engage with your team.

I’m sure you know this one but when your arms are crossed, they form a closed off, defensive barricade between you and your client.



Quite simply don’t fidget.  No twirling hair, bouncing up and down, clicking a pen or moving about restlessly. These actions signal you are insecure or even insincere.

If you are a fidgeter, focus on your breathing and move into your Superman pose. Your stillness sends the message they are cool, calm and collected.


Your Face Tells So Much

When the clients or member are speaking your facial expressions will show you genuinely care. Smiling shows confidence and warmth. A smile also increases activity in the left pre-frontal cortex, the hub for positive feelings.

Negative facial expressions send a signal to the brain that whatever you are doing is difficult or unpleasant. Your brain releases cortisol into your bloodstream, which elevates your stress levels. And will make your mood worse.



Eye Contact

Eye contact is your most important component of nonverbal communication. The ability to look into the eyes while communicating signals confidence, authority and sincerity. If you look away people will assume you are insecure or worse still when trying to sell: untrustworthy.

If you take the time to understand all the nonverbal cues and gestures, it may just be the game changer you’ve been looking for.


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