Get Your #HustleModeOn in 2017

Get your #HustleModeOn in 2017 with Active Management and together we’ll achieve why we are in business, like no other previous year.

Hustle as a verb means jostling, pushing, nudging and getting your way in.

Hustle as a noun it means a state of great activity.

Whether you use “hustle” as a noun or a verb, let’s have our #HustleModeOn together!

The Fitness Industry Can Get Their #HustleModeOn

During some one on one time with the guru Gary Vaynerchuk in Lake Placid last September, we realised that the fitness industry need to move more quickly to meet the changing needs of employees, prospects and members.  We also agreed that the industry could be more efficient and effective in almost every aspect, if it were to remain relevant in the eyes of the community and investors – ie the owners!

Gary Vee

I said to Gary as we concluded our chat, “Would you mind if I use your catch cry of ‘hustle’ in 2017 to help the fitness industry?”

Gary replied with a big grin, “I’d be honoured.  There is one condition: you have to promise me that you will hustle in your own business. You have to walk the talk man.”

And that’s where the 2017 theme seed was sown.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are very clear on the direction of Active Management for 2017.  We are going to get our #HustleModeOn and you can join the movement and get your own #HustleModeOn.


What #HustleModeOn Means For You From Us

We have identified 3 main areas to help you as a fitness business owner, manager, fitpreneur, industry supplier or someone who has a career in the industry:

Resources – The resources we provide you will help you operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably in 2017.  We will provide you resources that will make your life easier, more productive and allow you to have more time to do what you love – whatever that maybe!

Education – We will give you the latest education from industry and non-industry experts.  This education will be through professional development videos, printable templates, ebooks, webinars and the weekly #JTInTheRaw Facebook Live Show.

Community – Collaborative thinking and sharing is the modern way to professionally develop ourselves.  You’ll have this opportunity with Active Management membership, joining the Industry Leaders Roundtable or just liking our Facebook page. You can seek advice, guidance and bounce ideas with people just like you.

With Active Management in 2017 you will be inspired and motivated to consistently move forward with energy, enthusiasm and focus. #HustleModeOn

How To Get Your #HustleModeOn Now

You can get your #HustleModeOn right now and be part of the Active Family:

  • Become a member now and get your #HustleModeOn thanks to the exclusive training videos, marketing templates, strategy templates and more. Click here to join the Active Tribe; or
  • Receive our free monthly enews and Green n Growing enews, click here; or
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Show Your Commitment To Get Your #HustleModeOn

As you know, the hardest step for many new members and clients in your business is just starting.  Walking through the door is tough after maybe months or years of procrastination.

Often in business, starting or making a commitment is also tough.  It is easier not to make a decision but then you don’t change.

I know just starting your #HustleModeOn in 2017 will be your hardest step.

The Active Management Team and community are here to coach, consult, support and help you go from ‘off’ to ‘on.’

Join The Movement Today

Make a commitment to get your #HustleModeOn and tell EVERYONE – especially us!  This will be a good start to switching your button ‘on’ as your Team, colleagues and friends will know what you are doing.  They will also support (and hold you accountable) your #HustleModeOn.

Here is the #1 way to publicly share your commitment to getting your #HustleModeOn in 2017:

For Them To Download

Social Media Memeclick here to download the meme and then post it on every social media platform using the hashtag #HustleModeOn.  Make sure you tag Active Management so we can repost your commitment and we know who is getting their #HustleModeOn in 2017.

#HustleModeOn Starts Today.

If You Wait Another Hour, Day, Week or Month,

Then Your #HustleModeOn Isn’t!