Creating Strategic Take Home Value

Rutgers University published research that over 90 per cent of the money that companies spend on training produces no value for the organisation. Having attended fitness industry conventions since 1991, I can understand why!

When do you get time to implement everything you learned?

Regardless, whether you attend Filex alone or with your team, you should aim to maximise your investment! Here are a few ideas that I have found to be successful:

Before Filex:

  1. Select Team members to attend who embody the culture necessary to make things happen.
  2. Individually and as a group review your annual objectives and strategies so you approach Filex with an agenda.
  3. Set the priorities on what areas are most in need of new input, insight, tools, etc
  4. Allocate people to attend each specific session.

During Filex

  1. Each morning of Filex consider the expectations and plan for each day.
  2. Each evening of Filex consolidate your ideas.

After The Conference

Research has shown that when one person attends a convention session and then returns back to work, about 70 per cent of what was learned is lost if no action occurs in the first week. For this reason, you and your Filex team should leave the weekend with an action plan.

Take time out of the business to develop three to five ideas that you, as a team, can work on together. Use your initial agenda and list of priorities to formulate an action plan.

Good luck, enjoy and see you at #Filex2017!

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