Group Fitness Tip: Star Power or Team Player?

It takes a certain amount of ego to get up on stage and teach a fitness class to a large group of people. How do you harness that ego to include being a team player? Can a Superstar instructor also be a team player?

  • An instructor with a healthy belief in themselves is an asset, so long as they also have a measure of humility.
  • A hearty ego needs to have the capacity to see room for improvement.
  • It needs to include the generosity to share skills and knowledge.
  • It needs to recognise and fully appreciate skills in others.

What that Superstar ego can do though is represent huge pulling power in terms of class numbers, really solid member loyalty and retention, and excellent word-of mouth.

If you can foster inclusion of the above qualities in addition to that Star Power ego, then you have a win/win situation for your club.

Leisl Klaebe About Leisl Klaebe
Leisl has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years, as a Group Fitness Instructor, Mentor, Group Fitness Manager/Coordinator/Team Leader. She is currently Group Exercise Manager at Virgin Active Norwest managing a timetable of 230 classes a week and a team of 71 instructors. Contact Leisl to organise coaching for your Group Fitness Manager.

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