Guest Blog: What is a Marketplace?

When you manage a wellbeing business, you’re wearing many hats at the same time and the buck stops at your desk. Whether its strategy meetings, recruitment, lead generation, brand awareness, and even fixing the coffee machine – everyone wants a piece of you.

It’s easy to lose focus on what’s really important for your business – lead generation and being present when potential customers are looking for you. Because let’s face it, we all want to get that cash register ringing!

That’s why we recommend signing up to a marketplace, allowing more customers to see your business and the services you offer.

But what exactly is a marketplace?

A marketplace is a service that lists thousands of products or services in one place, and makes it easy for customers to learn, match, and book.

Marketplaces have become the referred channel for users to search for something. In Australia alone, 15 million visits a month were made to marketplaces!

Imagine if you could harness just a percentage of those eyeballs….

If anyone in your city is looking for services like yours, you can be sure they’re seeing Google results from marketplaces. You want to make sure that you’re listing your services where your customers are looking.

Here are some statistics about your audience that might come as a revelation:

The wellbeing industry in Australia is growing 5 times faster than the annual economic growth of the country. That means we’re racing into the age of wellness!

Over 50% of Australians prefer online marketplaces.

The average Aussie spends up to AUD 250 per month on fitness and wellbeing. **

Let’s dig deeper into the many benefits of listing your business on a marketplace.

Listing on a marketplace like Avaana gives you an edge over your competition, and helps you find customers that you didn’t even know existed.

  • You’ll be able to reach new customers. Avaana spends money to acquire new customers, so you don’t have to. This translates to huge savings on your marketing and advertising costs.
  • When your business is listed on Avaana, it gives it an instant brand boost. Potential customers are more open to trying out new brands that they discover on their preferred websites.
  • Catch your customers when they’re looking for you. When your customer is thinking of fitness and wellbeing, they’re browsing online before making a decision. You need to be present on Avaana so that they see you when they’re thinking of you.
  • You can choose what you list. Avaana gives you the freedom to list the products or services that you want to sell. Got some empty space in your bookings for the week? Avaana can help you fill that white space.
  • Zero Admin. Avaana integrates with over 15 practice management systems, meaning it will automatically show your availability in real time, resulting in no admin and no risk of double bookings.
  • Piggyback on free promotions by the marketplace. Marketplaces are constantly communicating with customers, whether it’s through emails, messages, advertising, or social media. Your brand will be brought to their attention time and again, without you needing to do anything or spend anything.
  • A marketplace works around the clock. Your customer can make a booking and get a confirmation at any time of the night or day, on public holidays, and when you’re on vacation.

Tell me more about Avaana!

Now that you know how a marketplace can make your sales skyrocket, it’s time to start talking about getting listed on Avaana, one of Australia’s fastest growing wellbeing marketplaces.

Avaana is signing up over 200 wellbeing and fitness brands in your area every month, and is helping customers match and book services every day.

When you list with Avaana, you get a page of your own. Client reviews, comprehensive business information, and service listings help customers match and book with you.

You get to control and update your availability and choose which products to list. The Avaana bookings can be synced seamlessly into your bookings calendar, whether you use it on mobile, tablet, or as part of a practice management system.

There is no sign up cost, annoying subscription fee or hidden payment. You only ever pay a simple one-time commission on bookings made through Avaana.

To ask for a consultation or sign up for Avaana’s services, click here.


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