Gym Marketing Tips – Group Training & Personal Training For Member Retention

Gym Marketing Tips – Group Training & Personal Training for Member Retention

In this Gym Marketing Tip Justin Tamsett of Active Management suggests that if you want to improve gym membership retention it is a good idea to develop a culture of small group training and personal training within your gym or health club.

The top programming tools for building retention in your facility is grow personal training or small group training and group fitnes.

Great video for gyms and fitness centres on marketing ideas and tips.

From formal IHRSA research and anecdotal statistics from the Australian Industry Leaders Roundtable, the clubs with the greatest penetration of personal training — ie people doing PT — and the clubs with the highest number of group fitness participants are the clubs with the highest retention.

The key is establishing a strong personal training culture within your business and have a programming philosophy that promotes group fitness.

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