Health Club Retention – Will New Equipment Improve Member Retention

Health Club Retention – Will New Equipment Improve Member Retention

In this Health Club Marketing video Justin Tamsett of Active Management discusses the question of whether spending money on new gym equipment will improve member retention.

I was asked by a club owner, “I spent $150K on new equipment there was no change to my retention — why?”

Owners are often wowed by the latest equipment and believe by making such a purchase that will keep their members.

It may have a slight impact initially. For the members the newness wares off.

New equipment will improve sales and morale in the club. However, new and shiny equipment is not the key to long term retention.

Remember, it is not the bells and whistles that improve retention, it is the people that ring the bells and blow the whistles.

Great video for gyms and fitness centres on marketing ideas and tips.

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In our series of fitness marketing video tips Justin Tamsett of Active Management shares loads of tips, tools and strategies.  You can see them on the You Tube channel: Fitness Marketing.

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  1. Adam on May 8, 2014 at 16:01

    Well said Justin, love it!