When it comes to increasing revenue at your fitness club, there are three key areas to look at: sales, retention, and non-dues revenue. The steps to improve these are easy to list – but often much harder to execute.

  1. Attract leads that match your ideal member profile, before guiding them through a sales process that ends with them signing on the dotted line.
  2. Keep those new joiners happy and engaged with a solid retention strategy, ensuring that the time and resources spent converting your leads continues to bear fruit.
  3. Offer your members added services that they’ll use and enjoy, providing additional revenue for your club while improving the member experience.

Keepme was built to help fitness operators do all of the above, and more. And customers are seeing dramatic results – from achieving 60% lead conversion rates, to doubling their average length of membership, to increasing non-dues revenue by 35%. Watch this video to learn how.


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