#JTInTheRaw Show 142 | Three Reasons to Apply for Every Award You Can

In the past 6 weeks I have watched and been involved with a serious of industry awards. Awards in many different industries, so is it worth applying?

In #JTInTheRaw I’ll give THREE compelling reasons to apply for every award you possibly can!!!! I guarantee every reason will add value to your business and your culture.

Watch #JTInTheRawShow142 and get motivated to start entering!

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  1. Linda on April 19, 2019 at 18:57

    Ha, I’m listening to this 4 days later and just today I responded to Fitness Australia’s response to their awards process and what was my response to their question what was the best thing I got out of applying for an award – well it was exactly what you have talked about for me it was being able to review our business and how far we had come and what we still needed to do! Thanks JT, I totally agree to you but wish we had have got something but we are in the hunt baby!!!!