This week I remembered what it was like to be going somewhere where I was as scared as shit!  Just like someone who has never been to a gym or in deed purchased a product they have never used!  It made me realise how important making a prospect feel comfortable is in the buying process. 

Stay tuned as you will love my story! 

Welcome to JTInTheRaw show 56 where I chew the thin on business for 15minutes every Friday!  And we have people from all over the world and from a variety of industries tuning in to the show.

I want to start with a question what was the #1 thing you did this week that took your business forward?  Tell me in the comments below . . . what did you do that helped your business move forward . . . I am curious! 

This week I punched out a few big tasks: 

  • I finished an ebook, which will be published by the end of the month with all the tips needed for you to do your own live video – like this!  This has been a work in progress for about 3 weeks but finally sat down and finished it! 
  • I completed a pictorial showcase of Flywheel Sports that is exclusive for the Active Management members, another thing I’ve been procrastinating on. 
  • I started a marketing campaign to relaunch the Victorian Personal Trainers Industry Leaders Roundtable – which by the way if you know any PTs who you think would benefit from business education, collaborative thinking and working on the business then please tag them in the comments below or pop ILR and I’ll send you the link for more some info. 
  • Updated blog articles for the next month
  • Met with a client who we are going to be designing a marketing strategy and plan for – hopefully! 
  • And did some strategy work with Chantal for the Fitness Business Podcast

So all in all a pretty full on week! What about you? 

Tell me in the comments below . . . what did you do that helped your business move forward . . . I am curious! 

My other big news for the week was that I had a tooth rebuilt on Wednesday! 

Three weeks ago while munching on a red frog – my confectionary of choice – I felt something very unusual with the red frog.  And after over 35 years of eating red frogs I consider myself an expert and this was not right.  I think I knew instantly I had broken a tooth and simultaneously realised “Shit I have to go the dentist!” 

Seconds later, “Shit not only go to the dentist, but I’m going to have a needle!” 

And you may think I am a big strong, brave boy but when it comes to visiting the dentist, there are plenty of things I’d prefer to do. 

In fact I’d suggest this was very evident by the fact I made my appointment 3 weeks after I broke the tooth!  I knew it had to be fixed, I just pushed it out as far as I could justify! 

So this week my dentist and her team did their very best to make me comfortable with visiting them: 

A text message on Monday confirming my appointment; and 

A phone call confirming my appointment. 

And here is the first lesson for us in business – when I hear the word appointment I think PAIN: 

  • I make an appointment to see the doctor because I am sick or in pain.   
  • I make an appointment to see my accountant because I have to pay tax – ie pain! 

The word appointment elicits pain for many people, so if you are saying to a prospect lets make an appointment to have a chat, look around, try it out or whatever else, there is a huge chance they are linking whatever you want them to do pain. 

Just use words that elicit pleasure – a catch up, a chat, a get together. 

So 9:30 Wednesday is looming.  I jump in the shower and wash every part of my body 3 or 4 times.  I brushed my teeth and am about to leave to go but went back and brushed my teeth AGAIN!  Yep I was procrastinating! 

I drive up and can’t find anywhere to park.  I drive around for 15 minutes and am SOOOOOO close to saying “Bugger it!  I’ll have to cancel my appointment and come back another day.”  When a damn car spot opens up! 

I am now 8 minutes late and get a phone call from Lois asking if I am still coming for my appointment!  There’s that word again – appointment!!!! 

Anyway, I arrived got my tooth fixed and walked out thinking “that wasn’t bad at all!  What was I worried about!” 

When I reflected on my behaviour leading up to my appointment, I realised I was doing everything possible to not get there.  I don’t want to say I was scared . . . I was just … well you know!  Hit like if you know what I mean . . . LOL 

And that got me thinking, I never feel like this when I am going to the gym.  But I bet 1000’s of people today across the planet will want to go and visit their local gym to start an exercise program but they will drive around the block 3 times and go home. 

My thought today is do we really … really … really know what our prospects are thinking about coming into a gym.  I am guessing not. 

An interesting challenge for us would be to be put into a situation that would scare the shit out of us … eg going to Toastmasters for the first time and having to speak could be something; participating in a group fitness class when we don’t do classes; or even visiting your dentist.  When we know how stretching our comfort zone feels then we can empathise with our prospects. 

I want you to think right now what would make you feel so uncomfortable that you may feel physically sick.  What is an activity that would make you drive around the 3 blocks three times and the retreat.  

Put your answers in the comments go . . .  

When you can truly empathise with what your prospect is feeling, you can market to them and sell to them.  And more importantly, you may just change HOW you do things!!! 

Go with me here . . . wouldn’t it be cool to have new sales people go through that uncomfortable feeling.  Just saying . . .  

Back to you . . . your answers in the comments of something you could do that will stretch your comfort zone! 

I really hope this helps you and your team build empathy with your prospects.  If you think anyone could benefit from the message I am sharing then I’d be super grateful if you share the show by tagging people in the comments below.  Please & thank you! 

Next week will be a fun week.

And first up today, I want to give a shout out to Paul Mr Retention Brown who is starring and I mean starring in the first Fitness Business Podcast Intensive.  The bonus show goes live today and Paul rocks the show giving you specific tools, strategies and ideas to improve retention!  If you are still not sure how find the Fitness Business Podcast, pop FBP in the comments and I’ll send you the link to the new Intensive Series.  And a special thank you to ABC Financial for supporting the Intensive Series. 

I have brand new client today for coaching from NZ.  So Nevill can’t wait to chat at 10am today! 

And next week I am working on content, content, content . . . resources for fitness business owners and managers to make your lives easier!  So keep your eyes peeled as there is some good shit coming! 

Thanks for tuning in today! I hope I made some sense around empathy and our prospects.  We really don’t know how they feel when coming into such a foreign and intimidating environment. 

Quote of the Week

When you have walked in your prospect’s shoes then you can truly empathise. 


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