Have You Listened To The Fitness Business Podcast This Month? If you have:

This month The Fitness Business Podcast launched the Intensive SeriesThe Fitness Business Podcast scoured the world for experts in their field and asked them to donate their time to provide you with amazing tactics, strategies and tools to enhance your business.  This 4-part, weekly, 15-minute, bonus show with a single focus thanks to ABC Financial.

“The first Intensive Series is with Paul Brown from Face to Face Retention Systems and he is fantastic.  The number of practical tips he shares in his 4 shows will blow you away!”

Let me explain again: 4 bonus shows of only 15 minutes with a laser focus on retention.

Geez, I nearly forgot – it’s FREE! 

This is a FREE professional development tool for club owners, managers and personal training business owners to help you improve retention in your business.  And it is FREE thanks to the amazing support of ABC Financial.

And the added bonus, thanks to us (Active Management), we have transcribed the interviews so you can download Paul’s exact tips to use in staff training, strategy development or even to store for future reference.

What next?

Go to www.FitnessBusinessPodcast.com and click on Paul’s shows, in fact I’ll make it even easier for you by giving you the exact links to his shows:

Oh and by the way, pop in your calendar October 6th, as The Fitness Business Podcast will launch a second Intensive Series with Casey Conrad talking on sales!