Know Your Business Challenge And The Solution Is Easy

When you can articulate your business problem – ie you know what it is – then the next step to finding a solution is easy!

Recently, I had one of the best business coaching calls with a client in my life.  As I reflected why it was so good, I realised she knew exactly the problem she wanted solved. In no uncertain terms she was able to clearly tell me her business challenge; she was able to substantiate the challenge with data and then tell me the type of solution she wanted.

In fact with this much information, my job was super simple! I was able to identify 3 solutions to her challenge.  She could then go away and work on which fit best into her business model.

One happy customer:


The other exciting aspect for Dee was that with the precision of her question we only needed one phone call! Many business coaches want you to lock you in to a longer term coaching deal and follow a curriculum of coaching content.  Your business is dynamic and fluid, so your seeking advice and coaching must be flexible.  We had one of my Energiser Injection Calls and boom! She was so happy!

Three Tips To Get The Most From A Single Business Coaching Session:

  1. Be very clear on the problem you want solved.
  2. Bring the data, background and any information that you consider will impact the answer.
  3. Don’t try to achieve too much in one session – go deep (very deep) to get a clear understanding of the solution rather than staying shallow and covering multiple topics.

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