No matter your fitness business, how you lead that business will differentiate you from your competitors.  And when we talk about leadership, we just don't mean leadership from the owner we mean leadership from department managers and team members.

FitnessBiz 2017 has one single focus: get your #hustlemodeon in how you lead your Team.  There are two amazing presentations that are full of simple actions you can do immediately as well as more strategic actions to develop.

Success Strategies For Ultra High Performers


During this presentation, Chantal will share the most common elements that are amongst the best leaders in our industry.  You’ll walk away from this session with practical tips on how you can take their advice and weave it into your own career and business.  As the host of The Fitness Business Podcast, Chantal has spent more than 1600 hours interviewing hundreds of leaders from the fitness industry.  Every leader comes from a different sized business and has a different story.  Her ring side seat in their journey of business development means you benefit as she shares insights into their successes and advice on how to lead your exceptional fitness business.

Building Your Fitness Business Starts Off The Field


In this highly engaging presentation JT uses a game of sport as an analogy for the great game of your fitness business.  When we are at work, we are on the field and it is game time, which makes it challenging to focus on strategy and culture!  Our staff are the players on the field.  They are head down and competing hard as they carry out our game plan or strategies to win the game.  But as any sportsman knows, many games are won (or lost) on what happens on the practice pitch and in the locker room.  This presentation will share the 7 keys to building a winning team to ensure your on-field performances leads to business growth.


Thursday 27th July

9:15 for a 9:30 start and finish by 12pm

Kailis Bros

101 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007

Ticket - $69

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