Learnings From our COVID19 Mastermind Panel on The Fitness Business Podcast

Last week on the Fitness Business Podcast I spoke with our COVID19 Mastermind Panel.

This is the second edition of our COVID19 Mastermind panel. In this broadcast, our expert panel covers:

  1. An update about the COVID19 landscape in their territory USA, Canada, Asia, UK and Australia.
  2. Top three pieces of advice based on their area of expertise, those focus areas are Business, Marketing, Customer experience and retention, people and leadership.

Our expert panel:

* Ross Stewart Campbell, Founder and CEO of FIT Summit – business
Mike Arce, CEO and Founder of Loud Rumor – marketing
Maureen Hagan, CEO of CanFitPro – people
Jon Nasta, Director of Retention Solutions – sales and retention
Justin Tamsett, Managing Director of Active Management and Owner of The Fitness Business Podcast – leadership


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