Low Cost Entry To Trial Your Facility

6 Visits for $30

Having prospects pay is part of the qualification process.

Lead generation is critical to the success of any fitness business but you want prospects who are ‘qualified’.

If you offer free passes then anyone and everyone can take it up and maybe try once and never come back.

Increasing the barrier to entry, albeit marginally, will mean that ‘more keen’ prospects will take up the opportunity.  This means you can concentrate on an up front conversion strategy.

This campaign can be used in your guerrilla marketing arsenal. Hand them out everywhere but only the keen ones will come in!

Note –

  1. When you insert your logo, make sure you add your phone number and or website with a call to action. For example: ‘Call 9876 5432 to book your first workout’.
  2. This is just the front of your marketing piece.  You can add your own design on the back with a list of services, programs and more business details.
  3. No reason why personal trainers cannot use this to build group training.


Purchase the Adobe Photoshop file and take to your graphic designer.


Purchase the Postcard


Have the branding done for you for 66

  • Your business colours
  • Your logo added
  • Your contact details and offer added to front
Purchase the Branded Postcard