Mark Stitt: Why should independent gym vote for me to be a Director of Fitness Australia.

I have been an independent owner of fitness facilities for 20 years come this October, in any of my businesses I have never had any financial partners or supporters and have endured an often volatile and challenging business Mark Stittenvironment for these years and have prevailed successfully whilst enjoying the transformation our industry and contributing in its evolution.

I fear we have a new threat on our business horizon in the expediential growth of franchised facilities and multi conglomerate organisations that are demanding and dictating the terms of our industry. I am not necessarily implying this is having a negative impact on our industry but depending on whose survey figures you are using independent owner’s account of about 35% of our industry. We should have representation at any level of governance of our industry that represents that figure.

I applaud forums such as The Industry Leaders Roundtable and The Independent Gym Owners Association for the assistance and support they offer independent owners. We need strong representation to champion our group’s causes, concepts, growth and longevity in this industry.

I gain little personally from applying for this nomination, I am a strong believer that as an industry we need a solid front and image of integrity and unity as to gain the publics and the governments respect and trust so we can have a greater sense of professionalism, brand and in turn finally the financial return that our profession warrants.

I will make myself available to tackle the little issues or the big issues and represent our industry, especially independents, in the forum. I will work with all industry persons and board members for a greater good, it is not a “them and us.” It is an us, but we must have a voice.

I watched for many years as industries such as Hardware Stores made their independent owners extinct, independent owners are the reason this industry is alive and growing, I will represent us well.


Mark Stitt


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