Internal Motivation

Used to drive motivation for your members and clients.

Bathroom Posters

Guerrilla Marketing for bathrooms across your community.

Blood Pressure Campaign

Guerrilla Campaign by contributing to the health of the community.

Lead Generation

Trial Your Facility

Having prospects pay is part of the qualification process.

Lead Generation

Fundraising that also benefits you!

Mothers Day Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing with Gift Voucher

Birthday Card

Every member or client has a birthday for you to acknowledge.

Former Member

Former members provide an exciting opportunity to market and re-market to.

Old Leads

Former leads and prospects provide an exciting database to market and re-market to.

Thank You Cards Set 1

Two of the most powerful words that are under utilized are ‘Thank you.’

Thank You Card Set 2

Send a handwritten thank you to members or clients

Staff Recognition Program

Encourage your members to complete the form when your staff do an 'eagle-like' performance.

Christmas Gift Certificate

Double sided certificate with special offer

Start Somewhere

This advertising piece is perfect for a January or February mail box drop