Motionsoft Technology Summit | Design for Instagram

During a panel discussion on marketing it became apparent on the importance of our clubs being designed to be Instagram friendly.

Lauren Polinsky, the Director of Digital Marketing for Kimpton Hotels shared the importance of her community putting together content to promote their accommodation. The authenticity of their guest’s content helps cuts through and becomes a pull marketing strategy.  She said, “What our guests show is far more powerful and speaks more to future guests than anything that we can put together.  We even use their images in our advertising.”

Geoff Livingston, from Livingston Campaigns went further and said we now need in the design of our clubs to develop places that make Instagram worthy shots!

One example is Solace Crossfit.  This has been named as arguably New York’s most Instagrammed gym.


The Fhitting Room has their logo on the floor. Many members have their photos taken after a class and post on Instagram using the #livefhit.

Fhitting Room


What are you doing to make your club Instagramable?

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