Motionsoft Technology Summit | Takeaways From the IHRSA Team

The team at IHRSA attended the Motionsoft Technology Summit recently, here are their top 5 takeaways:

  1. Data rich, knowledge poor

Several panelists and attendees lamented that they have so much data at their fingertips that it’s difficult to determine how to best use it to their advantage. When testing new data sources, like beacons and video technology, In-Shape Health Clubs leaders said they assess whether they can use the data to create added member benefits and whether the collection process disrupts members.

  1. Finding the personalization sweet spot

While many businesses are using data to create a more personalized member experience, panelists cautioned that data without the right intelligence can lead to errors. Retro Fitness CFO Robbie Sprechman gave the example of a member training for a triathlon receiving an automated email for inactive members, urging them to get back on the horse. In this case, the attempt at personalization has the adverse effect.

  1. Minimizing points of friction

Panelists were optimistic about technology’s ability to help clubs reduce friction within the club experience, from simplifying check-ins to utilizing machine learning.

  1. Relevance is the new loyalty

Consumer loyalty is dead, said Promotion Vault CEO Brian Mitchell. Today, fitness businesses have to be relevant to survive. “It’s not about the technology—it’s about understanding consumer behaviors and the narrative to get them to take those actions,” he said.

  1. Prioritizing data standards

Ray O’Connor, Wisconsin Athletic Club CEO and IHRSA board member, addressed the call for industry-wide data standards by updating the crowd on the Active Lifestyle Industry Data consortium, whose defining goal is to formulate such standards. The group, established by Motionsoft Chairman Al Noshirvani, consists of club executives, technology suppliers, and equipment manufacturers, and will be assisted by IHRSA’s Innovation and Technology Advisory Council.

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