On-Boarding Members E-book

On-Boarding Members

The Key To Keeping Your Members Is Getting Them Started Right!

Dr Paul Bedford says that by conducting ‘an induction session’ you can add up to 7 months to the length of a membership.  If each month of membership is just $50 and you can get 7 extra months that’s $350 MORE income for the investment of a $40 wage.  To me that’s a great return!

This ebook is chocked full of very practical tips and examples you can implement in a personal training business or a health club.

I describe the conundrum we face in our fitness businesses currently around on-boarding our members.  I give examples of how non-exercises think, as many of us have forgotten.  I define three steps in on-boarding you need to cover so your new members understand the culture of your business.

I also explain what “super users” are and how we can take advantage of our current super users, as well as morphing our new members into being super users!

And finally, I share the importance of community in your business.

Format: Digital

Pages: 17

Cost: $99 including GST

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