One Fitness Business Owner Is On A Permanent Holiday And The Roundtable Helped Him

Two weeks ago I received this message on Facebook: 

ILR Testimonial


People ask me what benefit will I get from the Industry Leaders Roundtable in Australia and New Zealand or REX Roundtables in the US and Europe and I have never said “It will allow you to have a permanent holiday and live the dream!”  

A Roundtable can be the most profound and powerful business and personal development program you ever get involved with as it is so unique.  As a former gym owner, I joined a Roundtable and was simply overwhelmed with what it did for me personally – as a leader. 

In fact, I was so impressed with the program that I took the Australian licence for REX Roundtables and have never looked back.  I have been running Roundtables since 2004, which means roughly 252 meetings! 

I have seen first-hand the impact these groups have on people’s business: new profit centres; improved KPI’s, expansions, sales, marketing, retention and more profit.   

I have also witnessed the genuine support, friendship and dare I say love between members to help them become better business leaders and humans.  

You may qualify to join one of these Industry Leaders Roundtables in Australia or New Zealand: 

  • Australian Gym Owners Roundtable – meets 3 times a year for 2 days; 
  • New Zealand Fitness Business Owners Roundtable – meets 3 times a year for 2 days 
  • Victorian Fitness Business Owners Roundtable – meets 5 times a year for a day; 
  • NSW Personal Trainers Roundtable – meets 6 times a year on a Friday. 

Call me 0499 088 623 or drop me an email at and we can organise a time to chat for you to find out more. 

If you’re in North America, Eddie Tock is the man to chat with.  You can call him on +1 (914) 643-3207 or email him  There are Club Owners and General Managers Roundtables! 

If you’re in Europe, Fausto di Giulio is your go to man.  Drop him an email on