Peter Annis-Brown Shares Why Fitness Australia Business Members Should Vote For Him

Why should you vote for Peter Annis-Brown as a Business Member for Fitness Australia?

A Corporate banking career, Non-Profit sector CEO, Sport/ Exercise Consultant and Allied Health Business owner, I possess over 30 years direct experience across several domains.

I am standing as I believe I can give a voice for the small business operators in the Fitness Industry as well as advocating for a bigger focus on the Mental Fitness of our communities and also being able to represent the rural and regional areas of Australia who are doing it especially tough at the moment.

Voting is open to Fitness Australia’s AusREP Members and Business Members between 1st and 18th November 2019. Members are encouraged to cast their vote using the link in an email that they receive from TrueVote.

If you need further information or have any questions regarding the ballot procedures contact Liz Richardson at Fitness Australia on 1300 211 311 or email