Press Release: Sales EQ Author Jeb Blount Launches The Fitness Business Podcast Birthday Celebrations

“He is the best selling author of eight books on sales, leadership, and customer experience, a former guest of the show and an all-round great guy!  So I was thrilled when Jeb Blount agreed to come back on the show and launch our birthday month celebrations!” says Chantal Brodrick, the host of the Fitness Business Podcast

As a sales acceleration specialist, Jeb Blount helps sales organizations reach peak performance fast by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design.

“We first interviewed Jeb after his seventh book: People Buy You was released.  This is still one of our most downloaded shows.   When I read Sales EQ, I knew the message would resonate with sales people, personal trainers and leaders in our industry.  Jeb has such a wealth of knowledge and we are privileged to have him back on the show – in fact, this is one of my all time favourite interviews,” added Brodrick

Blount’s interview is show 105 on The Fitness Business Podcast and was released last week.

The Fitness Business Podcast in June is celebrating it’s second birthday.  As most podcasts last just 3 months, The Fitness Business Podcast is proving an anomaly in the podcast world.  It continues to grow the fifth consecutive month of record downloads, cracking 9000 in just one month, taking total downloads to over 105,000.

“We are very excited with what we have achieved in just 2 years,” said Brodrick.

“We have some big interviews in June beside Jeb, including Sarah Robb O’Hagan the current CEO of Fly Wheel coming on to share what Fly Wheel are up to and some insights from her book Extreme You which recently hit book shelves.”

The Fitness Business Podcast is a weekly show and has an impressive list of previous guests.  Casey Conrad, Rasmus Ingerslev, Bill McBride, Chuck Runyon and Justin Tamsett are industry leaders who have been on the show. Business owners like Coss Marte from ConBody, Rick Mayo from Alloy Personal Training and Mike Gelfgot from Anytime Fitness are also guests.

The weekly Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or at  To ensure you never miss a monthly show, you can subscribe to the podcast directly from iTunes.

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About The Fitness Business Podcast

The Fitness Business Podcast is a weekly business podcast dedicated to providing quality first-hand knowledge from industry experts, club owners doing creating amazing experiences and best selling authors.

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