Press Release: Upgrade Your Virtual Fitness Experience – McFit’s Cyberobics® Partners with Wexer to Launch a New, Premium Studio Model

CYBEROBICS® – the virtual fitness division of German giant the McFIT Global Group, which also includes health club chains McFIT and JOHN REED Fitness Music Clubs – has announced an exclusive new partnership with digital fitness specialist Wexer, which will see the two brands jointly launching a premium virtual studio concept.

Branded ‘CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’, the new model is based on creating premium, standalone CYBEROBICS® virtual studios within clubs – not just McFIT clubs, but any club around the world.

These studios will offer members access to the full CYBEROBICS® class library – cinematic quality content that has been shot in inspirational locations ranging from Miami’s South Beach to Malibu to the Mojave Desert.

McFIT originally conceived CYBEROBICS® in 2014, subsequently introducing it at over 170 of its own clubs. However, this is the first time the world-class content has been made available to a broader audience.

The new ’CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ concept comes with clear brand guidelines and installation specifications to ensure its carefully designed, premium experience is delivered every time.

Paul Bowman, CEO for Wexer, comments: “Gyms will need to meet a minimum standard of AV to deliver the full ’CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ experience – and it really is a fantastic experience. It’s been created as a premium package, with world-class CYBEROBICS® classes – unavailable on any other platform – delivered in an engaging and uniquely designed space.”

Speaking on behalf of CYBEROBICS®, managing director Oliver Schulokat said: “With Wexer’s rapid growth in technology, they were an obvious partner for us as we accelerate global distribution of the CYBEROBICS® content. Together, we’re making world-class exercise accessible to more people.”

‘CYBEROBICS®, powered by Wexer’ is now exclusively available as a premium package on the Wexer platform.

For more information contact Wexer.

About Wexer

Through a range of digital products and services Wexer helps club groups connect with members both inside and outside the four walls of the gym. The original product, Wexer Virtual, features world-class exercise content and allows 24h usage of group exercise and cycling studios. The gym floor product, Wexer Trainer, helps clubs activate their functional space. Wexer also offer Wexer Mobile, an app, which allows streaming of both live and pre-recorded classes as well as ‘on-the-fly’ exercise programming which can be used whenever, wherever.